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Our Programs & Classes

Here you’ll find all the information you need to know about our programs and classes that we offer!

Before registering, please get in touch with us first to establish your current skill level and what’s best for you!

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach out to us as well! We are here to help you and make you feel like part of the family!

We look forward to welcoming you to our team of skaters!

Our Programs

Learn To Skate

Learn to skate is a complete program, for beginners to learn basic skills, that will prepare skaters for any ice-skating sport or recreational skating. Proper technic and mechanics of basic skating, taught by nationally certified coaches. Introduces a healthy, lifelong activity at an early age. Promotes fun, fitness and participation. For better progression, it is recommended to start with two days a week.


Skills, Tests, Achievement, Recognition – this is what STARSkate is all about!

The STARSkate program consists of figure skating skills in four areas – Free Skate, Ice Dance, Skating Skills, and Artistic. At this level skaters expected to skate at least three times a week and follow off-ice sessions. By completing an off-ice training program, skaters will progress their on-ice skills at a faster pace and be able to handle the strength demands of jumping, spinning, and longer programs. Off-ice also helps prevent injuries by preparing skaters for on ice sessions.

Competitive Skate

Skaters who wish to challenge their figure skating skills and who show potential as competitive skaters can participate in the CompetitiveSkate program. CompetitiveSkate is a program for skaters in singles, pair and ice dance wishing to compete in qualifying events within Skate Canada.



Develop strength, balance and dynamic core stabilization. Build speed, agility and co-ordination. Rotational flexibility and mechanics are emphasized for key athletic elements. Figure skating is a sport that puts significant strength and flexibility demands on the body.


Our Classes


On Ice

Ice Theatre (also known as Theatre on Ice, TOI (and known as Ballet on Ice in Europe), is a branch of figure skating that merges technical jumps and spins with unique choreography, ice dancing, pairs moves, synchronized skating, and theatre to tell a story or act out an emotion or idea. Ice Theatre can be enjoyed by the youngest to the oldest and brings out the more artistic side of figure skating. Teams consist of eight to 30 skaters on the ice telling a story together.

Competitions are held worldwide and can be a fun experience for all ages!


Synchronized skating is a team sport where 8 to 16 skaters (depending on the level) perform a program together as a team. They must move as a flowing unit doing technical footwork and performing various group formations and maneuvers. It is often simply called “synchro”. The objective is for the team to perform as one unit, in unison to the music, while demonstrating quality edges, power and flow. It is a great way to combine the pleasure of figure skating with the benefits of participating in a team sport.

Skaters joining Synchronized team, should work on their individual skills, such as dance, skills and freeskate, during STAR or Competitive sessions. Skaters are expected to be registered in one of those streams, before auditioning to a team.

Power Skating

Power skating teaches proper edge utilization so that edge movement becomes instinctual, adding natural agility, while playing the game. Body position is key for strong grip and balanced lean skills that ultimately result in players having tight, quick movements. As the game gets faster, the spaces get smaller! We focus on a repetitive and progressive training style to ensure consistent skill development. We aim to establish the biomechanics of proper muscle movement with intentional skill drills, so that each of our hockey players embodies these attributes as they develop and evolve. 


Whether you are an adult who became a skater or a skater who became an adult, ARTSSA has place for everyone who wants to learn, enjoy and participate regardless of age or level. We offer adult sessions with group classes, such as Dance, Figures, Spin patch and Freeskate.


This is an open class for anyone who would like to improve their skating skills, such as edges, turns and moves in the field, combining musicality and choreography.

Figures Patch

Compulsory figures, also called school figures, are the “circular patterns which skaters trace on the ice to demonstrate skill in placing clean turns evenly on round circles”. Compulsory figures are also called “patch”, a reference to the patch of ice allocated to each skater to practice figures.

Spin Patch

Spins often are not giving enough time during regular sessions, but their value is as important as jumps in our sport. Spins can be highly creative elements and we felt that it is important to allocate time just for that. Spin patches open for all levels, come and spin with us.