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Future Projects & Events

“Oscar Night At Artssa”

Ice Show Performance on March 12th 2023, at 230pm

Lasner Leisure Center

See you all there!

Ginji saves Xmas

“Ginji Saves Christmas”

Ice Show Performance on December 18th 2022, at 6pm

Shipyard Skating Plaza

Ginji wasrecently featured in an article!

Ginji saves Xmas

“Christmas With Ginji”

Ice Show Performance on December 23rd 2021, at 6pm

Shipyard Skating Plaza

Christmas with Ginji

“Creative Minds”

Ice Show now available to watch!

“Ginji” Group

ARTSSA is looking forward to developing an ice show, with brand new character Ginji. Show will include dancing, singing and lots of fun for everyone.

Artssa Theatre On ice

This program will provide an opportunity for all ages and help them find their artistic passion. Combining artistic skating and story telling can foster many environments.

Synchronized Team

ARTSSA is excited to start new teams that will compete at local, national and, one day, international competitions.

Synchronized skating is a team sport and brings positive team environment.

Stay Tuned For More Soon!