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Fundraisers & Funding

Our Goal

Our goal is to develop programs for all those interested in joining. Figure skating can be a very expensive sport, and one that not everyone has the luxury to afford. To minimize the cost on our members, we’d like to ask for donations to help us support those fees. Ice time, competition fees, costumes, travel costs, ice shows, decorations, and more, are the main cost for a skating academy. Since we are not a non-profit, having access to grants and subsidized funding is nearly impossible. By getting donations, this allows us to increase our accessibility to ice-time, thus creating more opportunity for our skaters to be on the ice as much as possible. This is a sport that requires a lot of practice, and ice-time is crucial for this to happen!


We believe that figure skating is first and foremost a creative and artistic sport. Of course, it is also a competitive sport, but we focus on the creative and artistic aspect of it as a means of artistic expression for our students and members.


The more we can sustain the costs of these activities, the more we can develop programs, create cultural opportunities, jobs, events, and allowing for children and adults to have the chance to experience this amazing sport as much as possible.


We have many ideas going forward, but we need your help in allowing us to get there. We have been very fortunate to have great skaters believe in our mission and goals, and to have amazing people join and support us, like our very one Canadian figure skater Elladj Balde, and talented and renowned dance choreographer Richard O’Sullivan, and all our partners so far!


Please consider donating to our skating academy and help us make figure skating accessible to all who want to take part in it!

We Offer Multiple Fundraising Options

Option #1

Or Donate Directly Here

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Thank you for your support!

Option #2

Flipgive allows us to earn cash back on every purchase we make all year long! All you have to do is shop anytime with the brands you already love, like Home Depot, Walmart, Sport Chek, Indigo, Old Navy, Apple, Esso, and Loblaws. No more going door-to-door selling chocolate bars – it’s completely virtual and contactless.

Join our team now and you’ll get a $5 bonus the first time you shop – Or enter this code: J5MLTJ

 Key Points:

* It is a very easy way to earn funds towards an individual skater’s account, support your skater by reducing their registration fees.

* Funds will apply to the skater’s account in a form of a gift certificate on uplifter (registration site) during the invoice time

* Purchases can be made online or in form of gift cards

 * Cash automatically goes to the chosen individual

* All you need is to forward a link to the shopping site with all available merchants

Funding For Our Skaters

For any skaters who would need funding help, Potential Canadian Tire Jumpstart offers an opportunity to disadvantaged kids aged 4 to 18 to apply for funding opportunities. 

This is an independent program and parents of skaters need to apply themselves. We do not have any control on the outcome, we are simpy sharing the opportunity with you here!